Interface PromptsContainerBean

    • Method Detail

      • init

        void init​(PromptsBean bean)
           throws WebBeanException
        Initializes the PromptsContainerBean using the PromptsBean passed in. It creates the set of prompt style beans based on individual prompt beans.
        bean - - PromptsBean from any of the sources.
      • getPromptsBean

        PromptsBean getPromptsBean()
        Returns the PromptsBean that is associated with the container.
        PromptsBean associated with the container.
      • getPromptAppBeans

        java.util.List<PromptAppBean> getPromptAppBeans()
        Returns the list of Prompt Style Beans.
        - the list of style beans.
      • setPromptsLoaded

        void setPromptsLoaded​(boolean value)
      • isShowRequiredPromptsFirst

        boolean isShowRequiredPromptsFirst()
        Returns whether the required prompts should be shown before optional prompts.
      • useWebBlocks

        boolean useWebBlocks()
        Returns whether the bean should be transformed using the widgets infrastructure.
        true - if it uses the widgets and false if it uses the old style
      • setUseWebBlocks

        void setUseWebBlocks​(boolean value)
        Set whether the widgets style will be used for the transform.
        value - - true to use the widgets and false to use the old style
      • getCurrentPromptAppBeanIndex

        int getCurrentPromptAppBeanIndex()
        Returns the index of current prompt bean is working on. The index will indicate the current prompt for one prompt per page mode, will indicate the first error prompt when there is error needs to be corrected.
        The index of current prompt bean in collection returns from getPromptAppBeans().
      • setMobile

        void setMobile​(boolean isMobile)
        MicroStrategy Web 9.0.1
      • isMobile

        boolean isMobile()
        MicroStrategy Web 9.0.1