Class GlobalFeaturesImpl

    • Method Detail

      • resolveFeature

        protected boolean resolveFeature​(java.lang.String feature)
        Description copied from class: AbstractAppWebFeatures
        Determines whether the specified feature is available.
        resolveFeature in class AbstractAppWebFeatures
        feature - String with the name of the feature to search for
        a boolean. The default return value for this method is true
      • doesIServerEncodeHTMLContent

        public static boolean doesIServerEncodeHTMLContent​(WebIServerSession iServerSession)
      • shouldEnableCartesianJoin

        public static boolean shouldEnableCartesianJoin​(WebIServerSession iServerSession)
        Check all requirements to enable VLDB property editor, need extra check for User should have according privilege iServer must be 11.2.2 or above AE version must be 12 or above MD version must be 11.02 or above
      • shouldShowDossierFormatPanel

        public static boolean shouldShowDossierFormatPanel()
      • resolveIsNCSCSConfigured

        public static boolean resolveIsNCSCSConfigured​(WebIServerSession serverSession)
      • resolveMinProjectMCEJoinForDataCombination

        public static boolean resolveMinProjectMCEJoinForDataCombination​(WebIServerSession iSession)
        Test if MCEJoin property of this project is set to min
        true if MCEJoin property of this project is set to min; false otherwise.
      • resolveFeatureInObjectServer

        public static boolean resolveFeatureInObjectServer​(WebIServerSession iSession,
                                                           java.lang.String featureName)