Class CookieBrowserSettings

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    BrowserSettings, EnumBrowserType

    public class CookieBrowserSettings
    extends AbstractBrowserSettings
    This class provides cookie implementation of BrowserSettings interface. The permanent settings will be stored in permanent cookies. The temporary and project temporary settings will be stored in web session. The implementation relies on ContainerService to provide namespace support.
    MicroStrategy Web 8.0.2
    • Constructor Detail

      • CookieBrowserSettings

        public CookieBrowserSettings​(BrowserSettingDefinitionList bsDefinitionList,
                                     Preferences preferences,
                                     ContainerServices containerServices,
                                     boolean storeTemporarySettingInCookie)
        Class Constructor. This requires a non-null Container Services object for this feature.
        bsDefinitionList - an the BrowserSettingDefinitionList object from the PageManager object containing the default values of the spplication's browser settings.
        containerServices - an initialized instance of ContainerServices
        storeTemporarySettingInCookie - boolean, indicates whether we store the temporary settings to cookies. The implementation explicitly stores non-namespaced cookie.