Class RwQueryDetailHandler

  • public class RwQueryDetailHandler
    extends QueryStringManipulator
    THIS CLASS IS NOT SUPPORTED FOR USE IN CUSTOM APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT. THE CLASS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE IN FUTURE RELEASES AND SOME METHODS AND PROPERTIES MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT. The RWD query details parsing utility. Given the query details raw string from server: Get extract the CSI statement without relation statements extractPureCsiAndRemoveTheRelationStatements()
    • Constructor Detail

      • RwQueryDetailHandler

        public RwQueryDetailHandler​(java.lang.String sql)
    • Method Detail

      • extractPureCsiAndRemoveTheRelationStatements

        public java.lang.String extractPureCsiAndRemoveTheRelationStatements()
        Public interface: Extract pure CSI from the query detail. Note that the RELATION CSI will also be removed from the original query detail.