Class SimpleFileHandler

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    public class SimpleFileHandler
    extends StreamHandler
    MicroStrategy Web 8.0.0
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      • SimpleFileHandler

        public SimpleFileHandler()
      • SimpleFileHandler

        public SimpleFileHandler​(java.lang.String _fileName,
                                 boolean _append)
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      • configure

        public void configure​(java.lang.String propPrefix)
        Description copied from interface: Configurable
        Requests the configurable object to configure itself. The "partial properties key" is a parameter of this method. It allows different pluggable logger components to configure themselves without knowing their parent. For example let's assume we have in the file a handler named "fileH". Then for the handler itself the prefix will be the "fileH". For the formatter of this handler the prefix will be "fileH.formatter". For the filter of this handler the prefix will be "fileH.filter". And so on. Here is the simplified handler creation workflow:
        • A handler is created based on the corresponding class property ("fileH.class" in our example).
        • The handler's configure method is called with it's name as a prefix ("fileH" in our example).
        • Inside this method the handler reads it's configuration properties and configures itself. Among other things it creates child components. For example it will read the "fileH.filter" property, which defines the filter class name and will create corresponding object.
        • For each child component the handler will call it's configure method passing proper prefix. For example for the filter the prefix will be "fileH.filter".
        Specified by:
        configure in interface Configurable
        configure in class Handler
        propPrefix - String The partial properties key.
      • setFileName

        public void setFileName​(java.lang.String value)