Class SimpleDebugger

  • public class SimpleDebugger
    extends java.lang.Object
    Instead of using System.out.println statements during development tracing, this factory provides an efficient means of handling debug statements.
    MicroStrategy Web 7.3.1 or earlier
    • Field Summary

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      protected static out  
    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      static boolean getDebug()  
      static java.lang.String getStackTrace​(java.lang.Throwable e)  
      static Write instance()
      Returns a debugging object that depends upon the debug value in
      static void setDebug​(boolean debug)  
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      • out

        protected static final out
    • Method Detail

      • instance

        public static Write instance()
        Returns a debugging object that depends upon the debug value in Setting debug=true will enable printing to the screen, otherwise all messages are suppressed.
        a debugging object.
      • setDebug

        public static void setDebug​(boolean debug)
      • getDebug

        public static boolean getDebug()
      • getStackTrace

        public static java.lang.String getStackTrace​(java.lang.Throwable e)