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    public interface FlattenedTreeNode
    extends GenericTreeNode
    When a Tree is flattened into an Enumeration, the objects returned are of this type. As they are "flattened", they have a "location" string which identifies their place in the surrounding tree. Moreover, the nodes returned are not mutable (as changing their position in the tree would invalidate the location strings that were generated).
    MicroStrategy Web 9.0.0
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        java.lang.String getLocation()
        Returns the location of this node in the larger tree using a modified Dewey Decimal notation. The location of the root node in the first tree is "0". The location of the second root node (assuming it is a forest of tree node that we are flattening) is "1". The first child of the first root node is "0/0".
        The location of this node in the tree it is contained in.