Readme 2019

Expected Behavioral Changes

Analysts should review the following expected behavioral changes to familiarize themselves with functionality changes specific to this release.

SQL Changes When Selecting Columns as Do Not Import (10.10)

New Behavior: When selecting certain tables as Do Not Import the tables will no longer be retrieved from the data warehouse and the SQL view will change.

The data import example below...

...will now return the following SQL statement.

Hide Null or Zero Values Is Now Determined on Element-Metric Basis (10.9)

New Behavior: Metric rows/columns containing all null or zero values will be hidden even if other metric rows/columns related to an element do not contain all null or zero values.

Connect Live to Hadoop Distributed File System for Data Access

New Behavior: The Data Access Mode dialog box will appear after clicking Finish in the Prepare Your Data window.

Quick Search Is Enabled by Default (10.8)

New Behavior: Quick Search no longer needs to be enabled by an administrator.

Include Null Option Removed from Function Parameter Dialog Box (10.7)

New Behavior: The Analytical Engine now ignores null values by default instead of treating them as zeros for aggregation calculations eliminating the need for this setting in the GUI.

Join Type Settings in Dashboards and Documents (10.6)

New Behavior: The attribute outer join type as selected by the user is read and applied correctly to dashboards and documents.

Report Services Preferences Setting to Change Content Alignment (10.4)

New Behavior: A menu has been added to the Documents section of the Report Services preference settings. When setting the project defaults, users can choose to have content displayed as either center- or left-aligned.

Treatment of Null and "0" in Cubes with Partitioning and Incremental Refresh Reports Based on Such Cubes (10.4)

New Behavior: Null and "0" are treated consistently in cubes with partitioning and incremental refreshed reports based on such cubes.

Custom Subtotals with a Defined "Sort-By" in the Metric Definition (10.4)

New Behavior: A custom subtotal with a defined "sort-by" in the metric definition is correctly reflected when added to a report.

Join Behavior for Multi-Table Direct Access (Live Connect) Database (10.4)

New Behavior: The join type as selected by the user is applied correctly for a multi-table live connect database.

Display of Data in a Dashboard with Multiple Data Sets When Filtered on the Common Attribute Description Form NULL or Not NULL (10.4)

New Behavior: The filter is applied correctly and returns appropriate data.

Display of Derived Attributes (10.4)

New Behavior: Derived attribute does not duplicate rows.