Version 2021

Get Started

The following topics are designed to help you get started using the MicroStrategy REST API.

  • REST API architecture
    The MicroStrategy REST framework follows REST conventions to provide a simplified interface for utilizing platform capabilities through JSON data via HTTP(s) protocol.
  • Configuring clustered environments
    The Microstrategy REST platform provides a highly scalable solution to meet your performance needs by installing multiple instances of REST servers that can communicate with an Intelligence Server cluster.
  • Handling REST API exceptions
    When developers use MicroStrategy REST APIs to build dynamic applications, they need to add code to handle exceptions. A sequence of questions provides guidance on how to handle errors that may be encountered when using our REST APIs.
  • REST API Explorer
    The MicroStrategy REST API Explorer serves as the REST API reference guide, providing a comprehensive list of the available MicroStrategy REST APIs grouped into REST API families.