Version 2021

View HyperIntelligence Cards

HyperIntelligence cards allow you to simply hover over highlighted keywords in dossiers to reveal a new layer of contextual information and KPIs. For example, lets say you have a grid with Accounts as an attribute. By hovering over the account name, the cards allow you to view more in-depth insights about the company—potentially the CEO, last quarter's revenue, or current deals in the pipeline. HyperIntelligence cards help you find answers that drive business decisions.

Learn more about HyperIntelligence and best practices for building HyperIntelligence cards.

View Cards

  1. Go to a dossier page.
  2. View the underlined keyword.
  3. Hover over the underlined keyword.
  4. View the HyperIntelligence card to view insights.

Manage Cards

  1. Click HyperIntelligence .
  2. View the Preferences menu.
  3. Use the toggles next to any card to enable or disable it.
  4. Select the checkbox to disable all cards globally.

    Users can always update card settings by accessing the HyperIntelligence option in the dossier or by going to Preferences > Cards. The cards will remain enabled or disabled at the global level.

Search for Cards

  1. Go to MicroStrategy Home.
  2. Start a specific search. For example, Sales or MicroStrategy.
  3. View cards in the right column of the search results.
  4. Choose between Card View or List View .

If there are fewer than five card results, the entire HyperIntelligence card is shown in Card View. If there are more than five card results, the default is List View. Users can easily hover over the card name when viewing content in List View.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Press Command+K (on Mac) or Control+K (on Windows).
  2. Start a specific search. For example, Sales or MicroStrategy.
  3. View HyperIntelligence cards that match the search.