Version 2021

MicroStrategy Help

MicroStrategy helps organizations transform data into real-world intelligence to answer their toughest questions. In the new era of modern analytics, organizations look to get these answers to people across the globe faster than ever before. We’re here to help you take the MicroStrategy viewing experience above and beyond.

MicroStrategy is the new premiere viewing app that brings the power of analytics right to the desktop—all at a faster speed. Get the instant response experience with new features unique to the app such as Smart Download and Automatic Refresh that predict and proactively download the content you need both online and offline. With limited to no load time, we’ve optimized workflows to enhance decision-making processes and drive operational efficiency.

You can also view content with Library Web and Library Mobile.

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Use our premium viewing tool to view and manage your latest content.

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Get started adding objects to Library and viewing them on your machine.

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Take MicroStrategy Library on the go with your Android or iOS device.