Version 2021

Complete the Connection

After you completed the steps described in Create an SAP BW Database Connection, create a database connection as follows:

MicroStrategy requires that the SAP BW user login used to connect to your SAP BW server has remote function call (RFC) authorization to the SDIFRUNTIME group. If necessary, contact your SAP administrator to grant your SAP BW user login RFC authorization to the SDIFRUNTIME group.

You can configure your SAP BW environment to allow users single-sign on access to MicroStrategy through the use of integrated authentication. If you configure this type of authentication, as described in the System Administration Help, the database login is required but is not used for authentication.

  1. Click New to create a database login with the user and password credentials used to connect to SAP BW.
  2. Enter a name for the database login object, login ID, and password.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Choose Default database login name > OK.
  5. Choose Database connection > OK.

After you have connected a database instance to your SAP BW server, you can begin accessing your SAP BW data from a MicroStrategy project. For more information, see Configuring MDX Cube Database Instances in Projects.

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