Version 2020

Introduction to the REST API

The MicroStrategy REST API is a RESTful application that uses HTTP requests such as POST, GET, and DELETE. It is designed to help developers build data-driven client applications quickly and easily. It does this by providing light-weight JSON data that is easy to consume because it includes raw data without direct formatting. Developers can use the MicroStrategy REST API programmatically in their own code, or in a tool like curl.

The following topics are designed to help you understand and use the MicroStrategy REST API.

  • Getting started

    Quick overviews introduce you to the MicroStrategy REST framework, configuring clustered environments, handling exceptions, and the MicroStrategy REST API Explorer, which serves as the REST API reference guide.

  • REST API families

    MicroStrategy REST APIs are grouped into API families. These families represent functionality, such as Authentication or Browsing, or categories, such as Cubes or Security Roles.

  • Common REST API workflows

    Descriptions and quick start guides are provided for common MicroStrategy REST API workflows, such as authentication, folder browsing, filtering data, searching, retrieving data from the Intelligence Server (referred to as the JSON Data API), and uploading external data (referred to as the Push Data API).

  • REST API samples

    Rest API samples illustrate how REST API calls work with ReactJS, and the ability to create reports on the fly, with ad-hoc object fetching and incremental fetch.


   To see changes to the REST API in the current release, refer to What's New.

To take advantage of new features, refer to Upgrading to a newer version of MicroStrategy.

For earlier versions of the REST API, refer to Previous Releases.

Prior to MicroStrategy 10.10, there was a standalone server called the JSON Data API Server, which was deployed as an executable jar file. This standalone server has been deprecated, but the “JSON Data API” and “Data Push API” are now part of the MicroStrategy REST Server, which is shipped inside the MicroStrategyLibrary.war web application.