Version 2020

Step 4: Installing and Using HyperIntelligence for Web

Now that your co-workers have created and deployed the card, as the Business User, it's time to test them out! Let's start by installing and configuring the HyperIntelligence Chrome extension.

How to Install HyperIntelligence for Web

  1. Open the Chrome Web Store to download the extension.
  2. Click Add to Chrome and Add Extension.

    The MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence icon appears in your Chrome extension bar.

You'll notice that the icon is grayed out, this means you are currently not connected to an environment containing cards. To access the cards, connect to the proper environment by configuring the HyperIntelligence extension.

How to Configure HyperIntelligence for Web

In a real-world situation, the Administrator would provide the environment URL and log in information to company employees. Alternatively, a company can pre-populate the extension with the environment URL so employees have the environment upon activation.

For this tutorial, you will utilize your current environment, assuming the role of the Business User.

  1. In the Chrome toolbar, click MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence .
  2. Enter the environment URL followed by the proper log in credentials.

  3. In the extension, use the toggle to enable your cards.

Nice work! You can now view the cards in real-time!

Now that you're all set up, let's start using the cards!

How to Use Cards

To utilize the cards, hover over any underlined term on your web browser to make a card appear. Check it out!


You've just completed the tutorial and are now ready to create, secure, and deploy HyperIntelligence for Web from start to finish. With this tool at your disposal, your enterprise is now equipped to gather intelligence faster than ever before!

Since your cards are fully deployed on HyperIntelligence, you can even view these cards on your mobile device using HyperIntelligence for Mobile, or while reading through emails in Outlook using HyperIntelligence for Office. Be sure to check out our video tutorials or the HyperIntelligence Online Help for more information!