Report and document steps

This IS_REP_STEP_TYPE table lists the Intelligence Server tasks involved in executing a report or a document. These are the possible values in the STEPTYPE column in the IS_REP_STEP_STATS and IS_DOC_STEP_STATS tables.

Task name Task description

1: MD Object Request

Requesting an object definition from the project metadata.

2: Close Job

Closing a job and removing it from the list of pending jobs.

3: SQL Generation

Generating SQL that is required to retrieve data, based on schema.

4: SQL Execution

Executing SQL that was generated for the report.

5: Analytical Engine

Applying analytical processing to the data retrieved from the data source.

6: Resolution Server

Loading the definition of an object.

7: Report Net Server

Transmitting the results of a report.

8: Element Request

Browsing attribute elements.

9: Get Report Instance

Retrieving a report instance from the metadata.

10: Error Message Send

Sending an error message.

11: Output Message Send

Sending a message other than an error message.

12: Find Report Cache

Searching or waiting for a report cache.

13: Document Execution

Executing a document

14: Document Send

Transmitting a document

15: Update Report Cache

Updating report caches

16: Request Execute

Requesting the execution of a report

17: Data Mart Execute

Executing a data mart report

18: Document Data Preparation

Constructing a document structure using data from the document’s datasets

19: Document Formatting

Exporting a document to the requested format

20: Document Manipulation

Applying a user’s changes to a document

21: Apply View Context

Reserved for MicroStrategy use

22: Export Engine

Exporting a document or report to PDF, plain text, Excel spreadsheet, or XML

23: Find Intelligent Cube

Locating the cube instance from the Intelligent Cube Manager, when a subset report, or a standard report that uses dynamic caching, is executed.

24: Update Intelligent Cube

Updating the cube instance from the Intelligent Cube Manager, when republishing or refreshing a cube.

25: Post-processing

Reserved for MicroStrategy use.

26: Delivery

Used by Distribution Services, for email, file, or printer deliveries of subscribed-to reports/documents.

27: Persist Result

Persists execution results, including History List and other condition checks. All subscriptions hit this step, although only subscriptions that persist results (such as History List) perform actions in this step.

28: Document Dataset Execution

Waiting for child dataset reports in a document to execute.