MicroStrategy Mobile


MicroStrategy Mobile clients for iPhone and iPad devices

See Compatibility and Interoperability.

MicroStrategy Mobile clients for Android devices

See Compatibility and Interoperability.

Creating a configuration of multiple MicroStrategy Mobile Servers

To create a configuration that includes multiple MicroStrategy Mobile Servers all of the MicroStrategy Mobile Servers must be the same version. For example, you can use a MicroStrategy 10.4 Mobile Server to create a configuration including multiple MicroStrategy 10.4 Mobile Servers.

For the complete MicroStrategy Platform Compatibility and Interoperability specifications, see Compatibility and Interoperability.

Installing MicroStrategy Mobile

For steps to install MicroStrategy Mobile components on a machine that will host your Mobile applications, see the Installation and Configuration Guide. For steps to install MicroStrategy Mobile on a mobile device, see the MicroStrategy Mobile Administration Guide.

  • Windows Installer 3.0 or later is required to install MicroStrategy products on a Windows platform.
  • You can download the software from the MicroStrategy download site.

Directory structure

The following tables list folders and files of interest that are included in the default directory structure after an installation of MicroStrategy Mobile.

On Windows operating systems

The default folder location is:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\MicroStrategy\Product Name when installed on a 64-bit Windows environment.

If installed over previous versions of the product, the folder remains the same.

Directory Contents
\MicroStrategy\Mobile Server ASPx MicroStrategy Mobile Server ASPx files.
\MicroStrategy\Mobile Server JSP MicroStrategy Mobile Server JSP files.

On UNIX and Linux operating systems

The default location in a UNIX or Linux environment is /opt/MicroStrategy/Product Name, or $HOME/MicroStrategy/install/Product Name if you do not have write access to /opt/MicroStrategy. If installing over previous versions of the product, the folder remains the same.

Directory Contents
/Mobile MicroStrategy Mobile root directory
/Mobile/MobileServer MicroStrategy Mobile Server JSP files

Upgrading MicroStrategy Mobile

MicroStrategy recommends that all users of MicroStrategy Mobile upgrade to the most recent version of MicroStrategy Mobile. This is recommended for all MicroStrategy Mobile deployments. There are significant enhancements to the overall user experience with MicroStrategy Mobile.

MicroStrategy Mobile for BlackBerry is no longer supported. Any supporting files are removed when upgrading to MicroStrategy 10.

Due to enhancements to MicroStrategy Certificate Server, if you secure your MicroStrategy Mobile connections through Certificate Server, you must upgrade your Certificate Server to support MicroStrategy 10 Mobile applications.

Before upgrading any MicroStrategy products, see the Upgrade Guide for important information about preparing for the upgrade, the order in which to upgrade products, and tasks to perform after upgrading.

Uninstalling MicroStrategy Mobile

For details about uninstalling MicroStrategy Mobile, see the "Adding or Removing MicroStrategy Components" chapter of the Installation and Configuration Guide.