Data mining examples

Revenue forecasting example (using linear and seasonal regression): To aid in setting goals for next year, you want to establish a forecast of your company's revenue based on existing trends.
Campaign management example (using logistic regression): Your company wants to improve the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns, with the goals of reducing costs and increasing the percentage of positive responses.
Segmentation example (using cluster analysis): You use cluster analysis to group your customers into exactly five segments based on demographics and psychographics.
Telco churn example (using decision tree analysis): You are reviewing your telecommunication trends and are interested in the likelihood of customers to churn based on psychographics and communication habits.
Campaign management example: Importing a third-party neural network model: You want to execute a scenario similar to the campaign management example created using logistic regression, but instead use a third-party data mining application.
Market basket analysis (using association rules analysis): Market basket analysis studies retail purchases to determine which items tend to appear together in individual transactions. Retailers use market basket analysis for their commercial websites to suggest additional items to purchase before a customer completes his order.
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