Data Mining Services

Data mining generally refers to examining a large amount of data to extract valuable information. The data mining process involves using the predictive models based on existing and historical data to project potential outcome for business activities and transactions. MicroStrategy Data Mining Services facilitates the development and deployment of these predictive models.

This section introduces MicroStrategy Data Mining Services, which includes these features:

Using MicroStrategy to create multi-variate linear regressions, multi-variate exponential regressions, logistic regressions, decision trees, clustering predictive models, association rules, and time series models
Support for importing third-party predictive models using the PMML industry standard
A Predictive Model Viewer that visualizes the predictive model
Data mining examples included in the MicroStrategy Tutorial project, in \Public Objects\Reports\MicroStrategy Platform Capabilities\MicroStrategy Data Mining Services

In addition, this section describes the process of how to create and use predictive models with MicroStrategy and provides a business case for illustration. Topics include:

Data Mining Services: Overview
Creating a dataset report
Creating a predictive model
Importing the predictive model
Using the predictive metric
Data mining examples
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