Evaluating qualifications at the report or grid level

When a metric qualification in a view filter is evaluated by the system, the evaluation can be performed for all data that is returned for the report, or only the view of data that is currently available on the report grid. These two options can produce different report results when using the OLAP Services feature called dynamic aggregation.

By default, metric qualifications in a view filter are evaluated at the level of data that is available on the report grid. This means that any attributes that are included in the Report Objects pane but not on the report grid are not used to determine the level of the metric qualification.

The following information should be taken into consideration when choosing an evaluation level for a metric qualification. This information assumes you are familiar with report levels as explained in the Advanced Reporting Guide.

The steps below show you how to modify the evaluation of metric qualifications in a view filter.


To modify the evaluation level of metric qualifications in a view filter

  1. Log in to a project in MicroStrategy Web.

  2. Run a report in Grid View.

  3. If the View Filter area is not displayed, from the Tools menu, select View Filter.

  4. In the View Filter area, right-click a metric qualification and select one of the following options, which you can switch between:

  5. If the Auto-Apply Changes check box is cleared, click Apply to apply the view filter to the report.