MicroStrategy Installation Wizard: Select Components

You can select the MicroStrategy products to install as well as define the location in which to install the products. Click Next to proceed once you have selected all required MicroStrategy products and defined the proper installation locations.

Installing MicroStrategy products

Select the check box next to a MicroStrategy product to include that product in the installation. Alternatively, you can clear a check box to uninstall or exclude a MicroStrategy product from the installation.

The installation pages you see after this step depend on the products you choose to install. These instructions describe all possible pages to support all products of the MicroStrategy Product Suite. You do not have to install all of these products on the same machine. In fact, this is strongly discouraged in a production environment. For basic guidelines about product deployments, refer to the Installation and Configuration Guide.

Note: The MicroStrategy SDK and MicroStrategy Developer Library (MSDL) are not included in the MicroStrategy installation. You can download the MicroStrategy SDK from the MicroStrategy support site https://resource.microstrategy.com/msdz/default.asp. You can also access the MicroStrategy Developer Library from the MicroStrategy support site.

Many of the platform components have sub-components. For example, if you expand MicroStrategy Mobile, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, or MicroStrategy Web you can specify which sub-components to install or uninstall by selecting or clearing the check boxes. You can select a sub-component to display a brief description of the MicroStrategy product sub-component.

Destination Folder

You can select MicroStrategy products and their sub-components to define their installation locations. When you select a MicroStrategy product or sub-component, the Destination Folder area near the bottom of the interface displays the current installation folder for the product. Click Browse to select a different installation folder.

If you select a MicroStrategy product or sub-component and the Browse button is not accessible, this means that the installation location cannot be changed. For example, if you select MicroStrategy Mobile you cannot define a installation location. However, if you expand this product, you can define the installation location for its subcomponents.