MicroStrategy Usher

MicroStrategy Usher is a mobile security platform designed to provide security for business processes and applications across an enterprise. It replaces traditional forms of enterprise security such as ID cards, passwords, and physical keys with a mobile badge on a user’s smartphone. Users with the Usher Security mobile app and badge can electronically validate their identity without plastic ID cards, log in to online applications without entering a password, open locked doors without keys, and so on.

Depending on your license key, you can choose to install:

Usher Security Server: Server system that synchronizes identities with enterprise identity management systems of record, and presents those identities to Usher clients for authentication.
Usher Network Manager: Administrative console that allows you to manage your network of users, configure access to Usher-enabled systems and resources, and distribute digital badges and keys.
Usher Analytics: Reporting functionality to analyze and visualize the activity of users in your Usher network to gain insights into your enterprise security.
Usher Professional: Mobile app and server system that allows your users to view the activity of nearby users in their Usher network.

Each user downloads Usher Security to their mobile device. Usher Security is a mobile app that allows users to validate their identities or to access Usher-enabled systems and resources.

For installation instructions, refer to the Usher Security Installation and Configuration.