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Mobile Sales Effectiveness Apps

Stop Pitching, Start Engaging

World-class sales organizations who take the information-driven customer engagement approach consistently outperform the competition.

Why have your field force deliver a generic sales pitch when they could instead engage customers with highly relevant information and insight? MicroStrategy Mobile Sales Effectiveness Apps help your field force improve the effectiveness of their customer and prospect meetings.

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Building a Smart Sales Team

Activate Commercial Intelligence

Better customer insight, deeper product knowledge, and timely market and competitive intelligence available on a mobile app help sales reps prepare and learn what they need to know, when they need to know it.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Use MicroStrategy Mobile Sales Effectiveness Apps to drive spontaneous, interactive information exchange, not a one-way sales pitch. Access, view and share multi-media collateral on-demand to support your conversation. Share customized visual insights with your customers.

Improve Field Execution

With insight into what content sales reps are presenting to customers and prospects, sales managers can monitor and coach on the quality of sales meeting activity. Guided selling analytics help focus sales reps on the leads and opportunities that will maximize revenue. And, with on-the-go processing from the mobile app, sales reps don’t have to wait until the end of the day to catch up on sales or opportunity-related administrative tasks.

Complement CRM and SFA Tools with Mobile Sales Effectiveness Apps

Already have an SFA tool? Great! Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation tools improve a sales rep’s efficiency during out-of-meeting activities.

But, what about improving a sales rep’s effectiveness during meetings on-site with customers and prospects? MicroStrategy Mobile Sales Effectiveness Apps on a tablet or other mobile device help your field organization achieve true sales transformation.

Leading the Charge

Large MicroStrategy customers across a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, financial services, insurance, retail, consumer product goods, automotive and more have embraced the opportunity to empower their sales and field organizations with our MicroStrategy Mobile Sales Effectiveness Apps.

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Avoid IT and Infrastructure Hassles

MicroStrategy Cloud makes it easy. We manage all related IT and infrastructure for you, allowing you to focus on creating high value mobile sales enablement apps instead. Analyze large volumes of sales data, leverage customer information for many different sources, pull in multi-media sales content, and deliver to your global field sales force.

Deploy applications to thousands of sales reps in weeks instead of years, without disrupting sales performance. And, do it without sacrificing anything in application power, performance and customization.

On-premises or Cloud-based

On-premises or cloud-based, we’ll help you succeed. MicroStrategy offers flexibility in deployment. In addition to our fully-functional hosted solution, as always, MicroStrategy also offers an on-premises solution. Whichever consumption model you choose, you will get the same functionality.

Leverage the experience of our worldwide professional services team who have implemented our solutions with thousands of customers in all industries across the globe.